How habit can help you achieve any goal

Any goal can be broken down into a series of actions that need to be taken.  In many cases these actions need to be repeated regularly in order to make that goal happen.  Whether its healthy living, running a marathon or starting that business you’ve been thinking about, it all comes down to habits.

We already have habits that play out in our lives everyday.  Some of these habits are taking us closer to our goals, and some are taking us away from achieving our goals.   If we want to make real progress and create a life and body we love, we need to add more good habits and change the bad ones.

The process is the same, and when we look at changing our lifestyles, we often make the same mistake.  We try and take on too many things at once.  It’s very difficult to change not only our eating habits, but our activity levels and mindset all at the same time.

Take it one step at a time, think about one thing you can change today that will take you closer to achieving that goal.  Perhaps you want to stop snacking when you get home from work, or maybe you want to start exercising first thing in the morning.  First focus ONLY in that one habit.  Once that becomes easy, you can start working on something else.

If you are trying to remove a bad habit, think about replacing the habit with something else.

  • Instead of snacking i will drink a glass of water.
  • Instead of eating fast food I will make a healthy version at home.
  • Instead of watching TV i will read instead.

If you are adding a new habit, what can you do to make it easy to achieve?  Break it down to the smallest possible action.  Make it easy to achieve, because success leads to more success.  Perhaps the first goal is just parking at the gym and walking into reception.  Or maybe it’s putting your gym gear on as soon as you wake up.  If there workout happens it’s a bonus, but break it down to the first thing you have to do, and build on it from there.

With only a few weeks left of 2014 my focus has shifted back to the goals I set back in January, and what I still want to accomplish.  Creating new habits will help me to get there.

“What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.” – Gretchen Rubin

What habits do you want to add or change in your life?


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